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Landflix Odyssey is a 2D platformer that ranges from classical platform to other typical run and gun and metroidvania gameplay types, in a delightful retro style pixel art.

Set in a fictional world based on famous TV shows, you'll learn how to use 5 powers inspired by those shows plus a unique move, the burp.

Join Larry as he tries to come back home from those crazy worlds, making his way through the other side in Peculiar Stuff, the icy land in Elder Thrones, the corrupted City in Blind Evil, the fast food of drugs in Going Mad and the zombie world in The Standing Zombie; power-up your skills to help him fighting against bad bosses and mini-bosses, such as crazy scientists, an evil queen, the dead, ninjas and narcos!

Retro state-of-art gameplay, old-school pixel art stunning graphics, super exciting original soundtrack and challenging adventures are ready to amaze you! Play the Demo now!


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